About Us

Our Approach

Our Vision is to provide horses and their owners with the best possible nurturing environment to thrive in. We do this by individual, personal, loving care of each horse. We believe frequent turnout is the cornerstone to managing a healthy, happy horse that is able to perform well.  Our horses go out in managed groups an we do daytime turnout in the cooler months and overnight turnout in the warmer months.

Fox Hill Farm is about quality care and nurturing, providing a wholesome setting where the rider can develop at their own pace and appreciate and develop an ongoing harmony with their horse.

We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality, horse-centered stable care and to fostering a positive culture – an engaging, educational, professional and fun atmosphere- for horses, boarders, trainers & students.

There are no shortcuts. We believe in taking responsibility and owning the results. That’s why we’re constantly raising the bar, making improvements and are never satisfied with “good enough.” We know that together we can achieve our goal, it takes the same amount of energy to dream big as it does to dream small.

Live Simply…DREAM BIG…Be Grateful…Laugh Lots!